Pipa - Tibau do Sul

Praia de Giz

Giz Beach is small and isolated in Tibau do Sul, RN. This beach is perfect for those who want a day on the beach calm and relaxing but who do not want to give up comfort.

This beach is not as well known as some of the other beaches of Pipa and therefore offers a very quiet environment. The place also has two beautiful restaurants and during the low tide one can enjoy the beautiful natural pools.

Giz Beach can best be enjoyed during low tide or during tidal changes. There are some rocks and boulders in some parts of the beach and especially during high tide you have to be careful when entering the sea.

Distance from Tibau Lagoa Hotel to Praia do Giz: 800 meters.

Lagoa de Guaraíras

One of the first landscapes to be seen when arriving in Tibau do Sul, RN, is the Lagoa de Guaraíras. It is one of the main attractions of the municipality of Tibau do Sul and serves as an access to the tours that come from Natal, by ferry crossing – connecting the Sun Route to the ends of its banks.

The lagoon is salt water, without waves, but it accompanies the variation of the tide, which makes its scenery changed every hour of the day, forming beautiful sand banks and corners ideal for bathing.

Ah! A curiosity about the Lagoa de Guaraíras: Until 1924 it was freshwater and was very close to the sea. But after a great flood, where the small fishing village that existed on its banks was destroyed, the lagoon joined the ocean, changing its entire ecosystem.

Distance from Tibau Lagoa Hotel to Lagoa de Guaraíras: 900 meters.

Ponta do Pirambu

Located in Tibau do Sul, RN, Ponta do Pirambu adds convenience, leisure, fun and wellness. You will enjoy tasty food with a lush view of the sea and still lounging by the pool or doing a relaxing massage.

All of its construction was accomplished respecting the natural characteristics of the region, having its base on stilts and using natural materials such as cangaço, coconut straw and remains of building materials.

Distance from Tibau Lagoa Hotel to Ponta do Pirambu (Day Use): 01 km

Praia Cacimbinhas

It is in Cacimbinhas Beach that kitesurfers meet in great numbers, beautifying sky and sea with their radical colors and movements. Beach of deeper waters and constant wind, for being a more open cove, only experienced swimmers should venture in their intimate.

The sands are thin, wide and give access to the top of the cliffs, by stairs, and the RN-003 highway, which borders the dunes of Cacimbinhas. These dunes are privileged, since from its height one can see the whole border between Tibau do Sul and Pipa. The horseback riding at sunset, give a touch of magic and romance to the place.

And, Sandboarding and ski-ass are tips for guaranteed fun times. The cliffs that rise from Cacimbinhas to Madeiro are the most visited gazebo of the place, because there one has idea of the generosity of nature with this place. Oh, and if you’re lucky, a dolphin appears in the distance to greet you!

Distance from Tibau Lagoa Hotel to Cacimbinhas Beach: 02 km.

Praia do Madeiro

Madeiro beach is the darling of tourists! It stands out for its warm and calm waters, emerald green, ideal for bathing, surfers or “catch an alligator” and for those who love to play sports like football and coolball.

Barracas extend through the sand and you can reach both RN-003, leaving the car in parking lots on top of the cliffs and descending them by the several accesses with stairs, or by the highway itself, by van or bus, departing from Pipa and / or Tibau every five minutes, or even walking along the shore. Including, the local alternative transportation is organized and takes the tourist to any one of the beaches of the region at low cost.

Dolphins are a surprise apart and can be spotted mainly in the early morning. For these small and, at the same time, great details, Madeiro Beach is a must see.

Distance from Hotel Tibau Lagoa to Praia do Madeiro: 07 minutes.

Praia da Pipa

The beach of Pipa is undoubtedly the most popular and visited by tourists arriving in Rio Grande do Norte.

The beaches of Pipa form a set of variations for all tastes and styles. Difficult to choose and so the one indicated is one to one to know. With or without cliffs that shelter different vegetation, calm water for swimming or bustling good surfing. Intense wind for sailing, natural swimming pools with colorful fish to bathe, long and quiet beaches to walk or small bays to contemplate with many dolphins and sea turtles to visit completes the scenery of the stunning nature. You decide between some discreet or other imposing ones, but what they all have in common is the unique beauty that the northeast region has.

The conditions are ideal in and out of water in sports. The tip is to bring camera for every recording moment, plenty of sunscreen and always moisturize!

Distance from Tibau Lagoa Hotel to Pipa Beach: 12 minutes.